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Annette Zoheret is a non fiction writer, inspirational speaker, and musician with a background in computer science. Her presentations and books are full of humor and heart, leaving her audience and readers with both tears of laughter and emotion. She has a knack of sharing her life's ups and downs with genuine feeling and wit.

Check out Annette's blogs on healthy aging, mindfulness, and living a life filled with happiness and gratitude. 

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D.Z. Adams is Annette's pen name and the author of 'Chronicles of the Imagination', a series of science fiction and fictional short stories. Meticulous in her research, she provides readers with a realistic and enjoyable experience. Her books are filled with compelling characters, heart stopping action, and emotional roller coasters. 
Annette Zoheret, aka D.Z. Adams, is the founder of Zoheretbooks. She lives in Ontario with her husband Neil and a variety of furry family members.

Once you pick up a Zoheret book, you'll want to share it with your family and friends!

“OMG… That was so funny. Laugh till you cry! I could just picture it, right down to the look on the mouse’s face!”


“Annette Zoheret can take a funny story and make it even more hilarious with her writing style. I just love her stories!”


“Annette Zoheret has a way with words. Her stories are a healing balm of humour offering a deep understanding of life’s inevitable run-ins with pain and loss.”




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