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Blue Milk and Green Water

This wonderfully realistic anthology of short stories captures every emotion and takes the reader along for the ride. It also has inspiring lessons on dealing with life rather than simply letting life deal with us. These stories have heart, humour, tolerance, faith, and a depth of human (and animal) understanding that we all would benefit from. Attitude is power, and Annette Zoheret has mastered the game.

Survive Life... and Live It Up!


At age forty nine, after twenty-four years of marriage, Annette Zoheret found herself starting over, a journey that led her to discover the secrets of survival. Moving from “we” back to “I” would ultimately push personal boundaries beyond basic survival. She recognized the opportunity to reinvent herself and become the happy, confident, and successful woman she had always envisioned, enjoying life to its fullest. In this lively and engaging booklet, Annette has summarized her own coping methods and survival techniques with humor, insight, and understanding.


Survive Life... And Live It Up! is a must-read for anyone looking to redirect their life from simply surviving to enriched and daily fulfillment.

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