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Chronicles of the Imagination - Book 1

When a human GMO experiment is suddenly aborted, Dr. Gloria Walker faces a difficult decision - kill a fully developed fetus or steal the baby. She has no idea her choice would lead to such dire consequences. 
GIFTED is the story of an unusual, young orphan in search of her origin. Abducted at birth and hunted, she struggles to learn about her special gifts before it's too late.

GIFTED is like a Dean Koontz or Dan Brown novella without the graphic violence, making it suitable for older teens as well as adults.

Filled with compelling characters, well researched science, and heart stopping action, GIFTED draws you in and keeps you spell bound.

Chronicles of the Imagination - Book 2

‘Sanctuary’, is the story of a young indigenous girl, Keisha, living deep in the Amazon forest. One night, as the tribe is gathered round their cooking fires, they see a star fall from the sky. Keisha is mysteriously drawn to the fallen star. When she sets out to investigate, her life is changed forever.

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