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How to find your passion

So often we are told that once we follow our passion, we become successful, unstoppable in fact.

But what if you haven’t found your passion? What if you are stuck in a time consuming job, have a family to support, are exhausted on a daily basis, and have financial hardship? You don’t have the time, money or energy to go on a soul searching trip to find your Holy Grail of passion. That’s the conundrum with finding your passion… once your find it, you’ll discover that it revives and energizes you, but when you are already stretched to the limit, finding your passion seems an insurmountable task.

So how do you get there from here? Start small.

Step #1: MAKE time to sit down and remember your childhood. What did you enjoy doing? Write it down. It was probably more than one thing. Maybe you were good at it, maybe not; doesn’t matter.

Step #2: MAKE time to sit down and think about what activities lead you to lose track of time? Write it down. When you enjoy something, you don’t watch the clock. You are fully in the moment and engrossed in what you’re doing.

Step #3: Do you see any similarities between your two lists? Highlight those.

Step #4: MAKE time to research and learn about your highlighted activity. Is it a chore or is it fun? If you don’t enjoy learning about it, it’s definitely not your passion. Get rid of it.

Step #5: DO IT! No matter what it is, if you have found something that you enjoy doing, love to learn about, and that allows you to lose yourself completely, then do it as a hobby on a small scale.

Yes, following your passion may take a little time away from your family, but that’s ok. You are NOT being selfish. Your children or your partner will be rewarded with a happier, healthier, more balanced you. Maybe it is something you can share with them. Passion is infectious. You may be surprised by one of your family members sharing in your passion. More importantly, you are teaching others to follow their dreams. This is your life – make the most of it!


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