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The Attitude of Gratitude

The habit of happiness is achieved through the attitude of gratitude.

With other words focus on the good, not the bad, focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have. In 2013, it was estimated that more than 783 million people don’t have access to clean water. When you step into your hot shower in the morning, give thanks to the clean water that you are blessed with. Next time you eat, pause for just a moment, take a deep breath and feel gratitude for your meal. When you give thanks for your food, you become mindful of what you’re eating. You are fully present in the moment, not off somewhere composing an email in your head. When you are fully present in your body, you are in complete balance. There is a quote by Norman Vincent Peale that states:

“...a basic law:

the more you practice the art of thankfulness,

the more you have to be thankful for.

This, of course, is a fact.

Thankfulness does tend to reproduce in kind.

The attitude of gratitude revitalizes the entire mental process by activating all other attitudes, thus stimulating creativity.”

Norman reached the ripe old age of 95, so I suspect he was doing something right.

I began practicing the attitude of gratitude about 5 years ago, during a time when my life was falling apart. Every time my mind led me to dwell on my problems, I focused on whatever was still good in my life. The more you focus on the positive, the more positive energy comes your way.

I invite you to give it a try… you won’t regret it!


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